Development paused :(

Saturday,22 May 2007

It's been quite a while since MacBomber was last updated. This is due my diploma thesis, which leaves me currently with no time to work on MacBomber any longer. However, if you would like to continue development, just drop me a mail! Hopefully i will have time to continue hacking soon...

MacBomber 0.5.1

Saturday,20 January 2007

MacBomber gets a small update:

  • Better particle effects.
  • Improved performance: MacBomber isn't such a CPU hog any more - well, at least most of the time ;)
  • A new shake effect, which looks a lot nicer than before.
Visit the Download section to get your copy.

MacBomber 0.5 is finished and ready to go !

Friday,4 December 2006

MacBomber has reached version 0.5 and it comes along with some nice additions:

  • Updated graphics.
  • "Badies" are now contagious (just hit another player while infected).
  • Support for native MacBook resolution (1280x800) where available.
  • Players can choose between three different viewpoints by pressing 1,2 or 3.
  • Games can be paused/unpaused by pressing the "p" key.
  • MacBomber pauses, whenever Mac OS goes to sleep.
As usual you can grab your copy here.
Due to time constrains MacBomber 0.5 will likely be the last major release for a while, however we plan to release smaller updates and bugfixes as time permits.

MacBomber version 0.4 is here!

Saturday,7 October 2006

A new version of MacBomber is ready. There have been lots of improvements under the hood, but also some noticeable ones:

  • Added a new gamemode "Wiley attacks!": After timeup Wiley will destroy the map square by square. Don't fall into the expanding void!
  • Added ingame music and a scorescreen fanfare (thx Dennis!).
  • Crates are blown into pieces when hit by an explosion.
  • Simplified player setup menu.
  • Macs don't look happy any more when bombed.
  • Nicer "Hurry Up!" Message during game.
Grab your copy and let me know what you think!

MacBomber version 0.3 out now!

Tuesday, 25 August 2006

A new exciting MacBomber release is here. Changes this time include:

  • Updated Textures and Playermodels.
  • MacBomber can now run in 800x600 and 1024x768 screen resolutions (Both fullscreen and windowed)
  • Added music by Dennis Becker.
  • Added an option "Random Map Order", which lets you - surprise! - play enabled maps in random order.
  • Initial joystick support (Experimental - needs further testing).
  • MacBomber gained an application item!

Obligatory bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug, where moving bombs wouldn't explode when reaching an exploding field.
  • Bombs can't explode on holes, in which they have been tossed into.
Curious already ? Check out the screenshots and download it now !

MacBomber version 0.2 released!

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

MacBomber version 0.2 has been released. Changes include:

  • A new Particlesystem, which is used for various nice effects throughout the game.
  • A new BadieItem (Condom), which prevents you from placing bombs.
  • More impressive explosions.
  • Overall improvement of the game menu.

Some bugs were also fixed:

  • Games can no longer be started with one player only.
  • Explosions on void fields are rendered properly.
  • And hey ! It actually works now when you enable the "Start with Kick" option. Woohoo!

Quick! Get your copy at the download section right now!

MacBomber version 0.1 released!

Monday, 17 July 2006

MacBomber is now really playable. Major bugs have been fixed (although there are still some minor glitches). Head to the download section and give it a try ! And please don't forget to provide me with some feedback !